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The Essence of Essential Truth 1111

Chapter 11 means the final bankruptcy of all contracts made in deceit or to do harm. 
With academic intent or not, dictionary definitions of the word TRUTH are deflections from comprehension of it. TRUTH as  a word, is the fundamental essence of any communication that increases life enhancing understanding.

TRUTH: The quality or state of being true, ..that which is true or in accordance with fact or reality. What actually happened, the case, the gospel (truth), the honest truth, reality, real life, actuality,

a fact or belief that is accepted as true. fact, verity, certainty, certitude; law, principle.
This is how The Lord of Internet Information, Google, describes the truth. Nothing could be further from the truth. It almost makes me believe that the powers that be intelligently corrupt the concept of truth with the purpose of confusing the issue so that no one will finally believe that there is such a thing as "truth" except the Gospel they promote to establish their control over your mind and the mind of mankind.( It makes me so angry I must take a break until my rage recedes from my mind, for nothing clouds my mind more than the anger and rage awakenned by the assumed judgement that others are guilty of such nefarious ill intent.)
To make things ever so worse, here is how The Truth is explained and defined by Wikipedia for free, as a gift to truth seekers all over the globe. The same globe now covered by the web of venal deceit which seeks to subjugate us all under a cloak of free services and misinformation.There is saying in Hebrew Culture, "S/He who hates gifts will live!"  
  "Truth is most often used to mean being in accord with fact or reality,[1] or fidelity to an original or standard.[1] Truth may also often be used in modern contexts to refer to an idea of "truth to self," or authenticity. The commonly understood opposite of truth is falsehood, which, correspondingly, can also take on a logical, factual, or ethical meaning. The concept of truth is discussed and debated in several contexts, including philosophy, art, and religion. Many human activities depend upon the concept, where its nature as a concept is assumed rather than being a subject of discussion; these include most (but not all) of the sciences, law, journalism, and everyday life. Some philosophers view the concept of truth as basic, and unable to be explained in any terms that are more easily understood than the concept of truth itself. Commonly, truth is viewed as the correspondence of language or thought to an independent reality, in what is sometimes called the correspondence theory of truth."

Wikipedia Article On Truth

First of all, a definition, such as Google's and in Wikipedia, that replaces one word with another is of no value as the meaning of such words change in different contexts and are never exactly the same. This makes the definition subjective and dependent on the individual's personal associations which are unique and leads to endless conflicts over what the truth really is, such as evidenced over the course of so called civilized history. Before civilization, civilization happening when one man begins to determine the truth for everyone else, men killed men over the control of assets, never because they didn't agree on what the truth is.  If we don't know what the truth is, we don't know what a fact is either, because very often facts are merely agreed upon falsehoods. If a truth is the honest and sincere description of reality, one must ask, whose reality? There is no agreed upon universal definition of reality, either, except as an agreed upon fact. Reality has become relative to an observer and no two observers ever perceive exactly the same thing, even when they say they have.

 Have you ever investigated eye witness reporting of what happened on September 11, 2001? What a confusion of mutually impossible facts and what a confusing reality!

Secondly, we define words because they exist to serve a purpose, that being primarily some kind of mutual  understanding that enables cooperation in life enhancing endeavors. To define a word without doing so in the context of it's purpose emasculates it as a concept.

What is a chair? Any elevated surface that enables one to sit comfortably, is a chair for the duration of the time one is sitting on it, for the one so sitting. It might be the dinner table for someone else who says it is not a chair and not to be sat upon. What might ensue is one accepts the definition of the other and a fact and reality is established between them, which is not agreed upon by a third party who defines the chair that is now a dinner table as firewood and who also has a gun. It is he who finally determines the purpose of the wood, which another thought was a dinner table and another previously saw as a chair. It is Chapter 11 in the Biblical Book of Genesis that describes what happens when the definitions of words and symbols is not agreed upon. People can no longer achieve the understanding necessary in life enhancing cooperative efforts. 

Where truths are agreed upon, there is no conflict.

What I am writing in this post is from the most valuable wisdom that has ever flowed through my mind, and I believe I have caught a few fish I would serve you, whoever you are, whenever you read this. But much better that I teach you to fish for yourself from the river of wisdom flowing through your own mind.  

Ask your Creator, (and I assume that no matter how creative you conceive yourself to be, you also recognize yourself as being created by creative factors beyond your own understanding) to plant a seed  of wisdom in your mind while promising to forever forgo taking any  credit for your creativity, intelligence and the fruits of the tree  of wisdom that will grow in your mind. Promise to give all credit to Your Creator, and I swear by all HOLY TO ME, that on a torturous path of pain and suffering and loneliness and great solitude, you will finally recognize the wisdom in your mind for what it is, and be able to share it with others.  I also swear by all HOLY TO ME, it is worth the suffering and far beyond that, so far beyond that nothing you can imagine is as good as the true wisdom from God can be. Paradoxically, it is the great hardship in attaining it that makes it so worthwhile. If you don't want to make this contract with your creator, learn wisdom from me. I made it and am happy to serve.

Whatever has already happened, whether done by you or another or mother nature,
or what appears to be a freak accident, whatever has already come to be, "Let it Be!"
That's how God would have it -and what is done is done and can't be undone.

If you accidentally knock down a vase off it's place on a table and it doesn't break,
that has already happened and cannot be changed, God had you do it, it was no accident.
But if you then say God wants the vase on the floor, you are wrong,
because the best place for the vase is on the table where it belongs.
Now you have an opportunity to make things better and participate in creation
by correcting the situation and replacing the vase where it belongs.
This is how God engages us in creation. The Creator creates situations for us to improve.
If the vase shatters into smithereens like Humpty Dumpty,
let your ensuing grief and remorse and guilt flow through you
until you have an idea how to make things even better than before,
that's what disasters and tragedies are for.
Whatever be the ensuing situation, condition and set of circumstances,

for whatever is done inadvertently or with ill intent, by Force Major or  apparent chaos,
it is absolutely up to you to do all you can to make things better.
It is always up to you to do what most improves the situations you face.
And if you have lost all sense of control over the reality around you,
it is up to you to make the best of the reality within you.
Now if God has brought you to circumstances in which you have no control over anything at all
but what you put your attention on in the confines of your own mind,
you have arrived where any true freedom of choice exists,
and now must decide what is more important than what.
On what should you put your attention, what will do you the most good?
What is most valuable of all that you have in your mind,
because more and more of it will make things better?
This is the essence of freedom of choice.
This is spiritual gold, the philosopher's stone.
Your ability and freedom to reallocate the value of ideas in your mind
is what makes you human and not an "other" determined, programmed biological machine.
Will more truth make things better or worse?
All you have to do is decide.

 You might now find, when all the fabrications in your mind are unraveled,
you haven't a clue as to what the word "truth" really means,
or why knowing it for what it truly is, will do you any good.
You must now define the word "truth' for yourself,
and do so in such as a way as to have more of it, will do you more good.
You must be able to explain this to yourself logically and comprehensibly,
in such a way as is irrefutably TRUE for you.
This is how a human being learns to think for himself,
which is all that is special about being human.
If your definition of truth isn't the same as God's,
I assure you, God will inform you in short order,
how to improve your ability to define anything at all,
and nothing is more important than your definition of TRUTH.
Now I could define it for you as doing so serves my desire to make things better for me.
It would be easier for me if I had with whom to communicate in TRUTH
as I define it for myself.

 There is, yet, no one. Not even God tells me The Truth.
God lets me find it for myself, again and again, 

This is The Honor of The King Messiah,
to research The Truth, find it, and Establish My Kingdom From Mount Zion upon it.
The Truth is my cornerstone rejected by all the builders, 
since time immemorial.
Yet almost every time I believe I have some that will stay the same and never change,
God tells me the only truth that will never change,
is that I am His Perfected Fool

and to Trust The God of Israel
Will Do Me No Harm with His Right Arm
as He embraces me as I sit on His Knee
and He tells me His Story how to set Mankind  Free.
 By my definition which you needn't adopt,
what most call truth is a belief held with the upmost conviction,
but is not a definition of the word TRUTH.
There must be an essential definition for the word TRUTH
that all can see the value of accepting
in that it serves the purpose of communication and understanding and peace on earth.
without being something one ever need fight for. 

I have such a definition but if you want to know what it is,
you will have to make the effort to read what I have written
and contemplate my assertions about the definition of TRUTH
in search of what value they have as regards your own peace of mind.
My definition of the word TRUTH
would be true for anyone, under any circumstances.
Beliefs held with the conviction of absolute certainty
are still beliefs, and don't resolve conflicts but cause them.
The definition of the word TRUTH as opposed to BELIEF,
resolves conflicts and doesn't cause them.
Anyone can believe anything at all
and all recognize that beliefs when recognized as such and differentiated from FACTS,
are subjective and hence subject to change, even when accepted as Beliefs
held in common by a group. There is a common denominator
to everyone's mind that applies to every one's experience in the same way,
and that would be The Truth.
It ain't worth much unless you make an effort to find what it is,
see if it applies to you, as well as everyone you share it with. 

 The word TRUTH needs to be defined as a word
in such a way that all who learn the definition say,
'Yes, that definition of truth remains true,
everywhere and under all circumstances."
That definition of TRUTH must be an immutable FACT,
even more so than 1+1=2, which isn't always true.

Much of  so called truth is so only in an invisible context
of which you have not been informed while you are being taught by an authority,
"This is the truth!"
"1+1=2"? For who? It's isn't true until you decide it is, whatever you are counting.
Put an apple on the table that belongs to you and your wife, next to an orange  that belongs to your neighbor. How many fruits do you have on the table? How many does your neighbor have? How many fruits on the table belong to no one? How many apples? How many oranges? It is only by these invisible variables that an agreement can be reached whether 1+1=2. 
Teaching 1+1=2 as an absolute truth to children, is indoctrination to accept an authoritarian assertion instead of teaching them to Exercise Discretion in that   truth is a decision to agree and the truth itself is that agreement. 
Truth is the maintenance of a contract.
A contract begins when a symbol and what it represents are determined to be a constant.
This is the foundation of any and all languages and any kind of semantics.

 The TRUTH, if defined in a way that describes an experience we all have when we say, TRUTH!
would be an immutable TRUTH.
Like I said before, I have such a definition,
but it is worthless unless you know what the word SYMBOL means first,
because the understanding of the word SYMBOL,
is the FOUNDATION of Understanding The WORD TRUTH.
We have nothing in the mind but symbols so it helps to really know what a symbol is.

 "In The Beginning was The Word!" What bombastic nonsense! 

There can be no written word without agreeing on the significance of letters, and that is a contract. By combining letters we have a word, which is a complex symbol made of elemental symbols. The spoken word by itself with no context of a common language can have no meaning that can be agreed upon unless doing so is in the context of two people looking at a rock and grunting the same way at the same time, as many times as it takes, until in a flash of synchronized inspiration they both recognize somehow wordlessly, that their always grunting the same way when looking at the same thing, means there is a relationship between their grunts and what they are looking at, one that they can both agree upon and that might be useful when one needs a rock from the other to crush an enemy's skull.

The most important word in the mind is TRUTH. Truth is a contract that a symbol or group of symbols will continue to represent whatever it does unalloyed and unchanged until further notice.

  I doesn't matter at all what the word is, as long as it remains the same and represents the same perceivable reality for all who learn the WORD and agree what it means.

 How about making that beginning Word that was with God, into the word TRUTH as a foundation of a new language in which the syntax makes it impossible for anyone to lie to themselves?

This is the cornerstone of my TEMPLE that was rejected by the builders.

The Hebrew Bible is a collection of symbols, letters made into words and then into phrases and verses and chapters and books, 929 Chapters all together. 

All of it together is a contract, A COVENANT,  between myself and my Creator. ANYONE else is free to believe the same thing. 

My only contract, my only Truth,  is with my Creator and is defined and described in the   תנ"ך.

God made it with me without my being able to understand initially what it means, but as it is a promise of great good fortune, that is perfectly fine with me.  
God is My King and I have no loyalty or allegiance to anyone or anything at all of this world. I have no worldly possessions but some clothes, a few books, and this old broken computer which has a serendipitous free internet connection. I receive a government national security disability pension of just over 2500 shekels and 770 shekels in rent assistance. This because I have been hospitalized while homeless four times and I was diagnosed with schizophrenia, which was a false diagnosis though I did have a series of psychotic breaks. So did King David when escaping King Saul and so did King Saul in his envious hatred of David.  I take no medications whatsoever.  I have no friends but a very good relationship with my son, Idan and a reasonable relationship with my eldest daughter, Ruth, the mother of my three Grandchildren who I say are the reason for the Big Bang. Ruth was of great help to me in that she took me out of homelessness by renting me a room and accompanied me many times to arrange my social security. Regrettably, I have no present relationship with my third child, Keren.  

I am The Messiah.

 I am certain of this belief but it is only The Truth in so far as The Hebrew Bible is a Truthful Contract between me and My Creator and we both agree upon the  meaning of The Contract 617, including that I am King David. I recognize and agree that these words, " David, Son of Jesse" symbolize my soul come again, improved if not perfected. 

I am however a Perfected Fool, Forever.

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