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From The Moslem King Of Israel, King David, King of The Jews 1111

To The Jews from The Messiah of Israel, and Who?  מי King of The Jews!

The Witness and Scribe of All That Transpires in The "Consuming Fire" and Remains Unconsumed. That and Who Remain Unconsumed by The Flames of Unfaithful Consumption and Ungratefulness.   
 The Messiah prayed for as The Son of David, The Soul of David Entwined With Jonathan's, come alive together as The Little One, The Son of Man. 939

 I come with a Contract, The New Contract, made between all True believers and Those of Faith in Allah and Allah =אלהים As The Sole Creator of Souls And  The Creator of One is יהוה , Alone.

Allah is Simple. Creation is Complex. Allah is The Singular Origin of All. Allah is not One for Allah is beyond any conceivable concept defined in the mind and The Concept of One is seen  Only in A Mind and from outside itself and nothing is outside The Creation of Allah but Allah The Singular Creator of One Creation which Includes All Creations within, and Nothing is Out of What is Created But Allah,  Allah  The Great, The  Merciful, Within And Without All There Is.

 I have an Identity Card issued by The Creator of Your Little Life, Like it Or Not.

 I come in my own name and the identity document I bear as a great burden is The תנ"ך/The Great Work of Art, describing how Allah orchestrates the events of all unfolding destinies that become histories, all fates.The punch line of all the Jokes Mankind Has Ever Heard, spoken or seen,  expresses Allah's merciless sense of humor. There is nothing or no one that Allah doesn't see with Exuberant Mirth. All to Allah is As Just Another Myth and Lullaby told to His One and Only Little One, His Only Son.

The Firstborn Most Beloved of Life's Many Sons,  with whom Allah nor Life, His Wife,  have ever had any strife concerning how he behaves or the choices he has made and makes from one jiffy to the next.

He is as quick as the time it takes a photon to stay in the same place. Don't jump to conclusions, that very well might be forever, I have heard as much from those who are in the No.  

 Allah doesn't have a special son, all are as one, but here I am anyway, conjured up by the idolators to become their nightmare, until they let go of their idols and fall on their face in prostration and feelings of disgrace before מי and then, and only then, will  מי let them go free as eternal slaves  cleaning the toilets in their kingdom of heaven  which is in the reeking  dark dungeons of the most disobedient  slaves turned into Kings of Self Inflicted Chaos, Crumbling Shattered Kingdoms destroyed by division and those who deal in deceit.

  My Name is entwined in the contract with two threads, one known as תכלת and the other שני .

The Hebrew Scriptures that coalesced into what is today the תנ"ך 470, with 929  Chapters that  are all a contract with me מי for those who have eyes to see and who have ears to hear backwards so they can make connections and find the Divine Design that places every letter where it is meant to be the most significantly, every sign and wonder from my narrative orchestrated to demonstrate the orchestration of all of Creation.

The New Contract for any of those who have not become spiritually petrified and impotent or just simply ignorant of the Narrative being Told to Humanity of which the symbols are all contained in The Hebrew Bible as understood by myself.

The Messiah of Israel.

I am no longer a Jew, I am a renewed Moslem and here is why.

I am not waiting for the messiah, I am The Messiah.

I am not waiting for the return of the remnants of The Tribes of Israel from the far reaches of the heavens and the bottoms of the seas and from the four corners of The Earth, or if it is really round, from the face of The Globe,   the  remnants have returned. Those who call themselves Jews that don't live in Israel, neither understand the narrative of Israel or The Times we live in and are in peril because their Authorities cannot read The Sealed Book of which Isiah writes, and won't or simply don't believe that in my mind, is My Story and Therein are  The Keys.

I am not going to rebuild a temple on the Temple Mount. There is a Temple On The Holy Mount, called a  Mosque. It is already there, A Temple of Worship to The Only אלהים There Is, The אלהים Who Causes all the different realities to manifest for all living life of all the kinds there are. The creator of all that was היה is הווה and will ever be,   יהיה known as יהוה which is One, a Single Living Creation Created By Allah who is not confined by any idea like a number like One. 

A temple   in which prayer is offered to Allah, who is conceived in the mind of those who cherish Tawhid  and Wahid and Who is The Creator of All of Creation, which is All One And The Same Equally Created By Allah's Creative Will Echad אחד.  Allah the Creator of All that lives in Life and Life's  Mind, and all that Lives in The Mind of Any Form of Life as if it is not alive, all in One is Before Allah, known at Once for what all is, Allah's Creation.

This understanding of The Creator as Allah, The Creator of All Life and All That Lives is implicit in the The Koran and expressed essentially as the simplest and purist concept of Our Creator that a human   mind can grasp.

 Between The Creator Allah and all that is alive and being created, there is nothing but an endlessly diverse variety of ways life can be expressed. Allah is equally close to all, in that all are equally manifested as an orchestrated multi media  different means of perception, the Orchestrated SYNCHRONIZATION of a moment known to each and all, in their different ways, as NOW. 

Why do you limit the scope of your imagination only to the infinitesimal spectrum of the electromagnetic wave energy that can be seen with the eye, in order to assume the existence of life forms? And just carbon based? How about life forms made up of an intricate and infinitely sophisticated relationship between standing waves and collapsing wave functions of a variety that exceeds infinity to infinities power, because each digit in any of these infinities is taken to the power of infinity again and all the digits are multiplied by their sums against each other to the power of infinity again, and all this goes on for an eternity as a unit of time divided by the final sum of all the above as the smallest possible unit of time, forever, with each digit becoming a variable with a random value. That's what life is.
Some have in their minds, angels- and some demons, some extraterrestrials and some Satan, there are fairies and vampires and cats that turn into little girls, all dressed up in white lace and embroidered blue dresses. I have seen much of what one can see. But there is yet so much more. And that would be as much as a grain of sand in relation to the whole universe.

 None of the above ever surprises Allah, but all that lives and life itself is ever being surprised by The Creator of All, Allah The Merciful, for whom every unfolding life narrative is as certain as your perception of anything you ever perceive at all, be it no more than a single moment of registering a single photon crash as it's wave function collapses into a single atom in your retina for the duration of a jiffy!

 I spend time imagining everything imaginable to me of Allah's Creations, in any given moment, which includes much that is unmanageable, such as is the true nature of everything I can imagine. I also have much more fun from simply farting than any has ever had while doing anything at all.

If this outrageous claim infuriates you are makes you full of envy, that was Allah's Intent.

This understanding when grasped in a human mind, exceeds the understanding of all of life itself, as so exists outside the mind that so comprehends.

It is this understanding that subjugates all that lives to the mind of he or she who so understands.

For this reason Allah told all the Creatures of Light and Fire and Water and Air to prostrate themselves before a man made of water and earth and fire and air, and The Uniqueness of Any and All of Mankind and All and Each Woman exceeds the uniqueness of any and all other kinds of  life.

In all living organisms there is a spark of "I Will Be What I Will Be" by reason of mutation,  but so much more in מי.

Jonathan Michael Robbins is A Mutant.=יונתן מיכאל רבינס הוא מוטציה= 1111

This has to do with how יצא דופאמין in my brain and how that interacts with what is  perceived, sensed, felt and conceived in  my mind and how that influences the mind of Mankind. Making it hopefully for most, more Kind.

But there will inevitably also be an inflation of unwarranted hatred and irrational hostilities, out of envy and the competitive nature of all who those would take credit as creators of their own realities, realities in which are subjugated other living creatures, this against their best natures. The Masses  towards whom such as  seek power see themselves to be superior and all others inferior and undeserving of the same privileges.

The only reason I have ever hurt anyone with conscious intent,
was in the belief that this is the only way to make them feel better than they would otherwise.
Of course, I might have been wrong.
In which case, at least  I felt better for doing my best to make things better,
even if doing so was painful to me. 

Let me more truthfully describe how I see my Most Primal Motive when causing myself or any other life form, pain.

I do it to stop the pain I conceive their intending to cause me now or in the future. Doing so is itself painful for me, a different kind of pain, the pain of not  being able to be pleasurably kind to myself or an other form of life, that being any kind of life their is, each is an individual and unique expression of all that Allah The Ever Kind and Merciful to Me, graces with any duration of life at all.

I am pained by the pain of all that is alive, and I strive to live pain free.

But much pain will come to those who will strive to stand in my way or move me anyway against Allah's Will. 

The Just Reason In Islam that forbids prayer on The Temple mount to Jews and all others who are outside The Faith of Islam, is that they don't accept The Great Prophet Mohamed as The Final Messenger of  The Best and Most Pristine Concept of God that can be contained in a Human Mind. Mohamed without whose service as a slave to Allah, I could not understand what I do.

Mohamed whose feet I washed and then kissed in great gratitude, before requested gently to do so by My Father, Allah Himself. I knew how to behave before an appointed authority so brave and courageous as My Teacher, The Great Prophet Mohamed, who despite not being a man of letters, read the sign and wonders that revealed to him what he had come to believe in humility, was his duty and mission. Mohamed who is full of The Same Spirit as The Prophets of Israel, whom he all acknowledged as the authorities who came before him, Including The Hebrew Prophet, Jesus of Nazareth, who spoke nought but How To Live By The Torah of Allah and The Coming of  The Son of Man who comes in His Own Name. It all boils down to The Name as A  Sign And Wonder.

By the Torah of Stone Gods And Wood Divinities, as thought and taught by the Authorities of The Jews in Israel, who are the only that matter by their own designated authority,  a Jew is anyone born through the vagina of a Jewish Woman. Or anyone who submits and surrenders to their dogmas and doctrines of how a true  Jew behaves.

I refute their beliefs by merely being who I am and what I teach. But until such time as they repent of their idolatrous beliefs and prostrate themselves before The God of Israel and Their Corporeal King as appropriate for The Little One who is The Son and Their Royal King, The King of Any And All Forms of Loyalty to any Object of  Materiel, Embodied and Shaped in Divine Royalty.  These are The Holy Golden Vessels of The Temple of My Mind, Within The Inner Chamber of The Holiest of All That Is Holy, where I contemplate my Relationship with  my Creator and We Make Love Abound World Wide.

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