Thursday, August 24, 2017

No Longer a Jew, Now A Moslem Forever 1111

Let me explain why.

The Universe is Alive and All Life Is A Self Conscious Singularity That Creates Nothing
but Is Created From One Infinitesimal Instant To The Next.

When the Jews say יהוה Is One, They Are Absolutely Correct,
in that יהוה means anything and everything that has happened in the past in any sense of the word happen, anything that is happening at this exact moment anywhere it is happening,
and anything that will ever happen until the end of Creation
and the complete Fulfillment of The Creator Allah's Plan.

Allah is Who causes יהוה To Happen.

Therefore Allah is אלהים and יהוה is the manifest Will of אלהים.

This is apparent in The Hebrew Bible where אלהים Created The World and יהוה appears within Creation together with אלהים now called יהוה אלהים as the origin of what actually transpires in the unfolding manifestation of Creation and within the confines of Life's Mind.

יהוה is All that can be seen and perceived by observing the events that mark the passing of time. יהוה Is what actually happens to and within the Life Created By אלהים and אלהים Alone Is The Creator, Known in Arabic as Allah.

Life is confined in a mind and it is only in the mind that there is time and space and mass and energy with life perceiving what happens to it in an unfolding narrative, no two of which are ever the same while all are equally One as the unfolding Kaleidoscopic sequence of events observed and experienced by a unit of life Created by Allah.

Allah is unconfined by anything at all and for Allah all of creation is as if Complete and Perfect.

Allah is Simple.

Creation is incomprehensibly sophisticated and complex, beyond the grasp of life itself or any living unit of life observing for any duration any scope of experience.

Creation is One, the One that we know.

It is One, in that it is all to the exact same extant identically a manifestation of Allah's Creative Will.

The Hebrew Prophets having Genesis as the conceptual/cultural source of their wisdom said in absolute truth, There is Only One אלהים/who can only be known to us through what has already happened.

This is true and will be true forever.

Only אלהים determines what will happen as יהוה , and then we will know The Creator by The Name יהוה as whatever happens has one creative origin and source, that Being אלהים or Allah who is singular but not containable in the concept of One. יהוה is One. Allah Creates The One we Know and We know no Other Creation but The One We are part of.

Imagine a whirlpool, a vortex, pulling all within towards the same finality which is oblivion of any idea of time, space, matter or energy and hence the mind and hence any kind of awareness or self consciousness or perception for there is no longer anything to perceive, there is no void, oblivion, gone as if it had never been. You can not say all is going towards one because there is no one there at the end.

Yet Allah remains.

We do not know what other Creations there are but they are all Created By Allah and hence are One with this Creation, for all the universe there are, an infinite number to the power of infinity, are equally Created By Allah and Allah alone is The Only Creator of Any Creation. Hence Allah is אלהים and anything life experiences is יהוה and יהוה lives and is alive with us in our minds as the

The Living Manifestation of Allah's Benevolent 


When all is said and done, Allah is the Name of My LORD of Art.

  Allah is the essence of simplicity. 

One that any child can understand.

 It is Creation that is The Mystery, to be researched and investigated but never fully grasped.

If Allah creates a Hierarchy of LAW and ORDER so that ARTFUL LIFE  AND CULTURE can flourish and prosper, it is to be respected! 1111
September 29th, 2017

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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