Tuesday, August 22, 2017

For Those Who Wear The Clothes of Guile, Beware! Here Comes The Son 1111

I am King David 119, Son of Yishai, come again as Jonathan Michael Robbins 939, Son of Rabbi Yitschak Baruch, awaited for by the Jews as The King Messiah, Son of David .424

It is not I who cause or  perform any of the many horrific miracles about to manifest across the face of the globe. I am naught but minute minuscule infinitesimal dust spinning around in circles, as Wills My Creator, The God of Israel, causing me to dance and sing the poetry of praise and gratitude for life, so as to raise the spirits of the dead and bring them back to life with me, and resolve the rampant strife that plagues mankind and my People, The Remnants of Zion, called The Jews.

These are The Righteous Ones, Women and Men,  humans with perfected faith, purified in the fires and trials of tribulation, refined seven times in the furnace of refinement, over the ages from all nations, all shall rise again from  their resting place in self oblivion, as have I, and make their presence known as The Judges in whose hearts reside the wisdom of the ancients and in whose souls is engraved Invincible Faith and death defying  Love for Our Creator.

They all know who they are and are awaiting me as a "sign and wonder" 939, The Prophet Sent By God 939, to awaken Those Who Calculate The Name from their slumber and go about the business of  being instruments  of salvation, for life itself on this planet is doomed but for the few who will survive and then flourish and prosper beyond any one's wildest dreams.

There is no sin of anyone alive, denied and hidden, that will not be exposed to The Light Of The Sun, and Then Judged by The Laws of Moses, those whose work is not done.

I am The Son 52, come alive In My Own Name,  with a contract, "The New Covenant 939", between Me and My Creator, The King of The Universe, who has made me what I am and who does around me what others will assign to me, being unable to imagine a God who has no form and Whose Sight And Might Create  us and all we see, in ourselves and around us.  The God of Art for those who have  Faith in The  Sublime  and Divine Design of All of Creation.

The Creator of  Fractal Patterns which define the shapes of all living things that can be seen, and the mountains and the sky and the clouds floating like sheep above and the flowers and the trees and the veins and arteries and the structure of the brain, all created from the same simple equations and the breaking waves against all the shorelines of all the continents  and the galaxies and everything between them, seen or invisible.

The God of Israel, Allah, Brahman, One and The Same By Any Name, The God of David, My Father, For He Has Made of Me His Son. Unlike any other one in  11. I am The Little One, By no will of mine. I would decline but am raped from behind to turn around and Do,  Do "My Job 939".

I would run away but am Told I must stay, this is that Day, His  Kingdom Come, it is The Awful Day of The Lord. 1111

All of you will quickly find fault and reason to disbelieve "I am what I say I am". I speak in my own name, Jonathan Robbins 838, to whom God said, "You will go crazy 838! And then "You will win!" 838! I am not who, but what, for Who creates and what is created?

  No Messiah would say such a thing, how dare he presume, he's crazy, gone insane,  he is evil, Christ warned us of him, it's a trick of the Jews, this is only fake news, bad news, a conspiracy to lead astray, it's not yet The Day of The Lord, he beat his wife, fucked whores, watched pornography and masturbated in his prison cell beneath the courthouse. He laid a load of shit beneath his brother's office and crowned it with a yellow charity box of Chabbad, he was institutionalized four 273 times in closed wards after being declared insane, he was taken to prison and found incompetent  to stand trial, he is a criminal and a mad man, yes, all of the above will be said and it will wished by the  many that I soon be found dead. All stumbling blocks to make fall those who would stand tall, those who laid snares for the innocent shall fall beneath my heels as I march, my clothes washed in blood.
I come from Edom, alone and with no ally  by my side, I regain my pride, The Lion of Judah, King David, King of Thee,  Jew! Surrender and Kneel With You Forehead on The Ground  before your Lord!

No, NO, I will not die because I will live and tell the world what Mr Creator does.

All of you will stray but the selected few. Lest anyone doubt, I am first a Jew as a true Jew should be, I speak Truth to Power, My Creator. All Power Be His.

There is no deceit within me at all, no guile, no need for cunning or the planning of war. All that was as before and now My Heart is True And Whole.

It is of me David said, "Spoken by The Creator to My Lord, sit by my right side until I put your enemies silent before your feet. Your enemies I defeat, they will fall from the sky like a poisoned fly, flee as ants from fire. That is my desire and pleasure, you are my treasure, My Beloved and Only Little One, My Son!"
 Prophet for God 119
This is the last post I  write before a series of miracles, starting Rosh Chodesh Elul, 5777 reveals me to be present in the world. A gift to the kind among all of mankind.

1111 = Words Of GOD To 273 
 Jonathan Robbins 838! Forever His Will Be... Done, The World Is Not Mine!
משיח מארץ עולם
"לסרב-ה המשרה  אהיה אשר אהיה"

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  1. This was the Last Post, 119, by no design of mine, that I wrote as a Jew. From Here on Out and Forever More, I am a Moslem. The Name of my Lord and God is Allah.
    יהוה Is How And Ever One.