Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Every thought comes with a feeling,
though we haven't always the time
to wait for the feeling
to catch up with the thought.
It will if you let it.
The Art of Experience
is in allowing one's self
the fullness of the moment.
Whatever it is that flows through one's mind
the feeling of emotions
is meant to be part of it.
Everything you look at
will awaken a thought,
just wait and see,
and with every thought
there is an emotion
to be felt.
Slow down and hold on to the moment
until you know the fullness of the thought
and the feeling that comes with it.
Enrichment comes from within
and self fulfillment begins
when one allows one's self
to become completely alive
by letting one's feelings first arrive and then thrive.
Don't be afraid of the pain
or the anger or the fear.
Allow yourself to cry
as you release your own relief.
Just let yourself be
the completeness of the moment
by slowing down and waiting
for your feelings to catch up. Cool

We all need One God,
with One Name,
and One Torah.

The God of Art
And His Torah
as taught
by jmr a light. Cool

Art for Art's Sake!

Rotating 11:11 is becoming 11 square 11 square Love heart Angel Love heart

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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