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Why Is The Number 11 A Sign and Symbol of Divine Design?

The number 11 represents and symbolizes the most fundamental axiomatic fact of our existence, that being that everything we experience, everything we come to know, happens in the confines of our own mind. Our mind is designed as a living unit that produces experience of Divine Creation. Our part in the equation of 11 is the red one on the right in the eleven 11.

The little one.

There is no escaping the truth of this. We will never encounter anything at all that is not somehow represented in our mind as an image or sound, a sensation or perception. This is self evident. That science would still have us believe that the mind exists like a bubble of conjecture and speculation in a sea of hard objective truth is incomprehensible when confronting the self evident nature of our experience. We have no way of ultimately knowing what is going on outside our minds and can only speculate about that. But that our minds exist is certain, whereas whether anything exists outside our minds is a matter of belief. If "I think, therefore I am." is the axiomatic proof of our existence, how can we assume an unthinking rock exists outside our mind? The nature and existence of "hard rocks" outside our minds is an assumption we believe and is far less certain than the nature of our thoughts and feelings which is self evident and fundamentally and axiomatically exists.

So the little 1 on the right side in the number 11 represents our own world that each of us has as a given and that each of us experiences in their own way. Now what I now say, I believe is true for all of us and that is this. I cannot find within myself the source of all that I experience within my mind. True, I do find that some of what happens to me seems to originate from within the confines of my own being. A prime example of this is the urge I began to feel in my puberty and adolescence to stimulate myself in such a way that increased and enhanced my experience of sexual sensation. This urge seemed to rise up from within, growing stronger and stronger as my body matured. The instinct of sex awakenned in me without any change in the sexual phenomena of my environment. I began to notice more and more what was already there. What I am saying is that there are instincts and urges, desires and needs, values and intents that are inherent to our being, whoever we are, and these functions of our humanity make themselves known as dynamic sensations in our minds, sensations that cause us to behave towards the enhancement of our own different kinds of pleasures as well as to minimize and abolish our different kinds of pain.

Having said this, it is also my own axiomatic and fundamental experience that I receive into my mind not only sensations that stem from within, but also sequences of different kinds of perceptions that don't seem to be under my control, that aren't created by me and that don't seem to be coming from within my mind, rather that seem to represent what is going on outside my self, and appear to have a perpetuated existence that is independent of my own. It appears as an axiomatic experience that there is a world out there that is not created by me and that ultimately is not under my control.

This outer world, what science calls the objective universe that it seeks to understand the workings of, is what the 1 on the left represents in the 11. The 1 on the left is a single entity just like me, only it is far bigger than me and far more complex, finally unimaginably so, though in the beginning of my life it seemed we are equal in our presence as creative factors of my experience. I felt hungry and food appeared as if my hunger caused it, but the nature of that food was not always what I wanted and the food did not appear as quickly as I would have had it. Clearly there are circumstances that are not the consequence of my own intent. This became ever more evident as I grew older. Hence the 1 and the 1 appear to look the same yet their position next to each other has an invisible significance that determines the difference in their relative value. Were the 1 on the right side alone, it could have any value because there would be nothing to compare it to. It could be the whole universe existing independently on its own, containing an infinite number of fractions that can't be seen unless one creates a sophisticated system of symbols that represent all the different ways we can divide in our mind a Single 0ne, into components, and demonstrate how all these infinite kinds of fractions can exist within The One. The One is composed by an infinite number of factions that are different from each other and act as factors in the creation of the nature of The One. That being The Infinite Nature of The Number 1 when it appears alone or in a sequence of "there" and "not there" as exists in the potentially endless digital representation of information. But I digress.

This infinite ONE is not the red 1 on the right, in the 11, but this is what the Black One on the Left of The 11 represents. It represents God and how His Presence defines for me my own value in the scheme of things. The 1 that is me represents a fraction of the infinite potentials that exist in The One on the left.

We come together inside my mind, where my nature and its inherent attributes meets a reflection of God's Design for my life and some kind of narrative ensues which is the story of my life. Every perception in my mind is a dot in a line and is produced by the coming together of me the observer and the information carried in The Light of God's Intent towards me. God creates me and then says, "Let there be Light!" and I become aware, and together we are an 11 for me to ponder and strive to understand. The 11 demonstrates that everything we experience in our minds, which is the same as saying- everything we experience, is a product of God's Creativity.

God creates and gives us our nature and then he creates and gives us the perceptions in our mind that represent what is going on "out there' as such concerns us.

Therefore everyone we encounter, whether friend or foe, everything we encounter and come to confront in ourselves that appears caused by happenings going on "out there" or within us, is composed and designed by God The Creator of Our Minds and The Events within it.

Many important scientists seem unable or unwilling to confront the self evident truth that every laboratory observation they measure is happening in their own mind and can only be believed to be a representation of what goes on outside the mind, or if anything at all does go on outside the mind, that is and must remain an improvable hypothesis. Quantum mechanics demonstrates what I am saying. The observer of a phenomena participates in the creation of what is perceived and because an observer must have a thinking mind to exist, per the dictum "I think, therefor I am.", "thought" itself is the consequence of the coming together of our nature, and the nature of what is "out there", the combination of the two factors being the substance of our mind.

Time is an element of the mind.

Without it, a mind can't make sense.

Therefor the observations of laboratory experiments that teach us about the flexibility of time and reversible nature of time, teach us more about our own minds than about what actually is going on outside them. These experiments demonstrate that the coherence of our minds which is dependable on the linear flow of time, is vulnerable to a greater truth where time serves God's Intent and can be manipulated in both directions, causing a mind to collapse as strings of thought become a ball of confusion and narratives deteriorate into the chaos of purposeless association. Such as what happens to the aging demented and those who suffer from psychotic bouts of schizophrenia.

In Hebrew the number 11 is composed from the letter yud= י = ( עשר=ten) and א aleph= (אחד= one).

It looks like this יא.

In Hebrew the larger digit is on the right and the smaller is on the left. This according to the Hebrew Scripture from Exodus Chapter 15-6, "Your right hand, Adonai, is sublimely powerful!"

The name of the letter that represents 10 in Hebrew is YUD, which also means "hand" as in the verse above.

So in the Hebrew number 11=אי" The Hand" of God is on the right side and is "sublimely powerful". It is The Hand of God that turns the kaleidoscope of our minds from one moment to the next, causing everything to fall into place dynamically as the narrative of our life progresses.

On the left side is the ALEPH or א. The word Aleph in Hebrew means several things of relevance to the understanding of the significance of the number 11 in English and יא in Hebrew.

First it means "Leader".

It is the first of the letters in Hebrew. It is drawn from two YUDs,י, with the Hebrew letter VAV ( ו ) in between them, with one YUD at the right on the top, and one YUD on the left at the bottom. YUD on the left at the bottom, VAV, YUD on the right at the top. א
The VAV in the middle, between the YUDS, means as a word " that which connects" and appears here to connect that created by God, that which is from within us and arises into our mind from the living mechanics of our inherent nature, and that which is above us and comes into our mind from beyond, as an act of God.

As every letter in Hebrew represents a number, the value of the two YUDS and the one VAV together is 26. 10+6+10=26.

26 is the value of YUD +HEH + VAV +HEH or יהוה which is the unpronounceable name of God. So the letter Aleph represents in Hebrew Culture, The Omnipotent Nature of God who is the Leader and Master of our experience.

In addition to this, if we see 11 as two ones- side by side, the word "one" is Hebrew is אחד the letters of which equal 13. ( 1+8+4=13) So one might say, that "one" and "one" 'written as Hebrew words
אחד אחד also equals 26, the name of God. The poetry of all this is enhanced when we consider that the value of the Hebrew word for "love= אהבה" is also 13 and one might poetically surmise that everything is finally a matter of Love, as told us by the Mystics throughout the ages.

Finally, 11 represents the idea of The Divine Design of the Universe which can be known in our minds as an unfolding narrative about God and His Nature. Cool

We all need One God,
with One Name,
and One Torah.

The God of Art
And His Torah
as taught
by jmr a light. Cool

Art for Art's Sake!

Rotating 11:11 is becoming 11 square 11 square Love heart Angel Love heart

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


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