Wednesday, February 15, 2017

11:11? False Hopes and Futile Wishful Thinking 1111

The Historical Reason For The 11:11 Phenomenon is to set the background for the coming of The Messiah of The Jews. The phenomena has been prevalent and has spread all over the world with many people speculating on the reason for it. While no single answer has been accepted by all so far, many have thought it to be the sign of a dawning new era of consciousness. Because of this phenomena, those who have experienced it have researched the whole subject of synchronicity and its implications.

The man meant to become the Messiah became aware of his Identity as such due to relentless synchronicity between the thoughts in his mind, the actual events in his life that were beyond his control- such as the events of September 11, 2001, and  the presence of the Gematria value of his Hebrew names, these being Jonathan=יונתן=516, Jonathan Michael=617=/יונתן מיכאל , Jonathan Robbins = 838 = יונתן רבינס , and Jonathan Michael Robbins=939=יונתן מיכאל רבינס as a code in the Hebrew Bible where these numbers appear as the value of verses which refer to the nature of the Messiah. All the above is true except that the Messiah has revoked his identity and his own name and their will be no messiah for humanity as such presently manifests. This as the people on the earth, today, are all soon to perish, men, women and children, old and young, without exception.

 The Coming Destruction On The North Korean Peninsula

"The Messiah will make his presence known to the world in 2017 or the Hebrew Year 5777 when he wins the Lottery in Israel with the numbers 1 3 9 11 27 29- 4 and wins both the Double Prize for 56,000,000 shekels and the regular lottery prize for 28,000,000 for the total sum of 84,000,000 shekels. He will also win the second prize of both Lotteries because regulations necessitate sending at least two guesses in each lottery and as The God of Art has given him the winning numbers, he will substitute the number 6 for the number 4 on the second guess for both Lotteries, thus winning second prize in both Lottery drawings."
On the 12/09/17 the Lottery reached the sum of 56,000,000 Shekels. No longer the Messiah, I did not win the prize and will not become known to this world as such, at all. This world is going to be obliterated. The 11:11 was a sign of nothing but the end of the world, preceded by the evaporation of all self serving and self aggrandizing false hopes and wishful thinking.

The man who was the Messiah is well aware that this will not convince anyone  that he  was  the Messiah, is not now the Messiah, and there will be no other Messiah.

But it's the truth.

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