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The Messiah and The Inquisitor

 Pony's Questions
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 Introduction: (Skeptical Inquisition)

Question One-

What is the truth about, and do you feel obligated to fulfilling, the following requirements of validation to Your claim of being The Messiah of Hebrew Prophecy and with that claim, how does Your Presence as Messiah, fit into God's Plan and ultimate revelation and destined implementation of that great plan of the One, or devalue or revalue the Jesus Christ Messianic Experience and His "Second Coming" as translated or "mistranslated" by Christian Intent and Self Fulfilling Prophecy?

A. Build The Temple- Ezekiel 37:26-28
B. Gather the Jews- Isaiah 43:5-6
C. Manifest Peace- Isaiah 2:4
D. Anoint the One- Zechariah 14:9

"The ONLY solution is the ULTIMATE TRUTH: nothing exists in the universe that is separate from anything else. EVERYTHING is intrinsically connected, irrevocably interdependent, interactive, interwoven into the Fabric of All of Life" -neales' god

Seems to me, Pony,
you are suffering anxiety
over my Holy Coronation
in The Palace of your Mind.
You keep anointing me
and then keep trying
to scrub my body free
of even the faintest scent
of Royal Anointment Oils.
Put your mind at ease, Pony.
Nothing depends on you.
Nothing depends on me, either.
Either it is The God's of Art's Will
or it shall not come to be.

As for your questions,
I see you have called
upon the Holy if"Skeptical Inquisition"
to scourge this Jew
with inane inquiries
concerning claims
he makes about being
The Chosen Son of God.
is an unfortunate choice
as a word.
One I would ignore
were it not for the importance
My Duty =939= התפקיד שלי
to expose The Truth
of Gentile Fear and Envy
of a Transcendent Ascendant Jew.
One like me. Very Happy
"Inquisition: an official investigation,
especially one of a political or religious nature,
characterized by lack of regard for individual rights,
prejudice on the part of the examiners,
and recklessly cruel punishments."

Now as to your convoluted question,
inquiring of my Official Credentials
as The Messiah of The Jews,
whose arrival on The Stage of History
was Prophesied by Most All of The Hebrew Prophets,
from Moses to Jesus of Nazareth,
I have no other Credentials
than Faith in the God of Israel,
The Glorious God of ART,
Glorified and Sanctified Be His Holy Name!
This and a Belief I Speak The Truth,
to the Best of My Ability,
concerning why I
choose to Believe as I do.
The Rest is up to You. Cool
Rotating 11:11 IS BECOMING 11 square 11 square Pray Love heart Angel

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins 

 Pony Asks

 Question One-

Why should The Other Ones, other than You or Me, believe You to Be a True Messiah?

 Question Two-

Before you received your instructions from God,
what was your own personal belief about a coming
Messiah and would you have required proof of it,
or blindly followed based on 11-11tv cyber posts
similar to what i have done until proven wrong?

 Question Three-

You say that due to escalating events worldwide, You believe Your Time Has Come,
so that begs Me to ask You this, do You Foresee what that Great Reveal would entail
and what will actually happen with You and Us here at 11-11tv from here on out?

Pony, I have been writing
for almost sixteen years NOW,
Here, at Yahoo, and at GLP.
All the answers to your questions
are to be found in the Archives-
There and Here.
If you are Truly Inspired
and Devoutly Dedicated
to being my Advocate,
as I am to being The Messiah,
it would serve us both best
if you would invest the time necessary
to completely familiarize yourself
with my writings-
and prepare the answers
to your questions,
by bringing forward and organizing
my unholy scriptures Twisted Evil
and Divinely Inspired Writings
so as to first dispel any doubts in your own mind-
and then Build The Bridge
you claim
it is Your Holy Destiny
to Build.
I gave up my reputation,
my wealth, all my possessions,
down to my passport,
driving license and identity card,
and then my very sanity,

to purchase my Place in The Kingdom of Heaven.
If you are already there,
if you are certain you have already purchased
your Place in The Kingdom of Heaven,
you don't need a Messiah or a Prophet like me.
And be certain
I don't need your Advocacy,
but you do.
I am jmr, remember?
I never compromise with The Holy Truth.
Jesus taught me how to Manifest The Blessings
prophesied by The Greatest Prophet of Us All.
The Most Loyal Servant in The Kingdom of Heaven.
Honest Unwavering Self Description
of Perception, Thoughts and Feelings,
Values, Wills, Needs and Requests,
that's The Whole Torah,
spoken as I stand on One Leg.
I am answering you as I said I would,
as honestly as I possibly can.

 There are yet no Other Ones I know of.
There are some
who have had a Flash of Insight,
sooner or later extinguished
like the flame of a candle in the wind.
Izaak and Itay, both with me,
as Disciples, Servants and Slaves,
lost their Faith in the God of Art
and their Belief in Me as God's Messiah,
by reason of The Chaos That Surrounds My Anointed Mind.
There was Robin and then Ingrid,
both of whom achieved Faith and Belief, like you,
by reading my unholy scriptures Twisted Evil
and Divinely Inspired Writings.
They both met me in person.
First Robin came! as I descended crazily
into the Wild Labyrinth of My Own Mind
and then shamed her in front of Itay
for deceitful emotional affectations.
She believed me
and Ran For Her Life to High Ground
In Canada,
escaping a Tsunami that never came.
The Teachings of Hebrew Scriptures
are to Run to the Valleys

but I hadn't told her that.
But for listening to me and Believing-
she had such Great Serendipity
that she came to Israel,
albeit it at Itay's expense,
and joined the Shortly Lived House of David,
as an avid defender of The Cause.
I sent her away as fast as I could.
And then there was Ingrid,
who thoroughly and thoughtfully
researched all of my writings here
and perhaps at Yahoo, too.
She researched Hebrew Culture and Philosophy
to better understand me and support me,
here on The Public Board.
Her Faith and Belief were virtually vindicated
with extreme digital (as in numbers) synchronicity!
Until her finances improved
and she received a Credit Card,
ending in the digits 838,
meaning, "You will be Crazy',
or "Jonathan Robbins"
or "You Will Be Vindicated"

in Hebrew Gematria.
She came all the way to Israel,
"to see the country" and to see me.
I was very sick and succumbing
ever more deeply
to increasing bouts of Complete Insanity.
I finally told her to leave me alone,
and ignored without reading
all her subsequent requests for my attention.
Shortly after this,
I was hospitalized for months
and then tranquilized for seven years,
legally insane and completely dependent
on Social Security and Rent Assistance
from The State of Israel.
When I finally returned to write here regularly,
her Faith and Belief had dwindled and expired
leaving her again bereft and bitter,
as she had been before. Maybe more.
There were some others along my journey,
who for a while had Faith and Believed,
but none of them endured
The Heat of My Heart.
I am "The Man of Fire." איש האש =Jonathan Michael=617
who melts the Deceitful Mental Defenses of Others
like wax in a Flame.
An All Consuming Fire!
I have long ago
all my soul's defenses,
which are like Stone Walls around a City!
I have left the Company of Man
for the Inner Open Expanses
of The Barren Desert
which now Blossoms and Blooms,
So commanded by The God of Israel,
The Holy God of ART!
So why should anyone Believe in Me , Dear Pony?
I am not playing Hard to Get.

Oh, and hOLY pONY,
iS nOT gOInG aS
yOu mIGHt hAvE ExpecTED
Is That Not Perhaps sign
I am who I say I am?

 One more Part of My Puzzle of Art.
If you can not cross through
my Holy Wall of Fire,
your Faith is In my God
and not In Your God.
Your Belief is in me
and not in you.
It comes from me and my ability
to persuade and convince.

True Faith comes from Above
and fills the vessels so designed.
Every one else must do the best that they can.
Unlike Jesus,
I can not and Will Not
extend my Hand of Fire
to save anyone from drowning
in The Tempestuous Waters
of Lost Faith and Corrupted Belief.

If I pray for you and I do,
that is what God has commanded me.
If my Prayers manifest,
His Will Be Done and Not Mine.

 Pony, I fully realize that I am giving you a hard time.
I know that you have been from the very beginning
inspired by my writings and quickened in your heart.
You have a clear understanding of what I mean
when I strive to define my understanding of The God of Art.
I believe that your understanding of this is sufficient
to maintain your Faith in your Dynamic and Evolving Understanding,
independently and on your own.
Such Understanding and Faith are a Good Thing
and I pray they will sustain you from here on out.
Let them be a Source of Wisdom and Fortitude.
A very different matter is your Belief in me as The Messiah,
your very tentative belief in me as your Messiah,
I can't honestly say that it is so.
Such a belief, by the nature of things as they are,
cannot be but tenuous and subject to great vulnerability.
For to believe as much before the world agrees with you
to act to promulgate this Belief among others,
is to deliver yourself over to ridicule and mockery.
It is to put your cross on your back and follow me
with the same abandonment of Self that I followed Jesus
to my own spiritual crucification, which was as real for me in my soul,
as his was in his body.
You must follow me
with the same abandonment of Self
as I followed Jesus,
and all the Holy Martyrs of my People,
for Jesus was not the First nor the Last
to die for The Jew's Belief in The One God of Israel
and the Coming Of The Jew's Messiah
who wasn't and isn't and never will be , Jesus.
It will be me.
You must follow me
at least in your soul and your mind and your heart,
through the corridors of a very real insane asylum.
And walk with me back and forth, back and forth,
denied for weeks on end
the sight of the sun.
It means to be tied onto a bed with straps for hours,
for no good reason whatsoever,
merely because you cut the male nurses to pieces
with your sharp razor tongue.
It is to walk with me barefoot, hungry and cold in the rain,
and see buildings and faces age and decay
in the blink of an eye.
It is too see on the walls of big buildings,
as clearly as a movie on a movie screen,
scenes of tortured Jews in the Holocaust
besides wanton orgies of unrestrained lust.
Both at the same time.
To feel an Unfathomable Self Loathing
because you feel titillated
by the images of naked breasts and sexually enraptured countenances
of women performing outrageous acts of lust,
while Nazis shoot at old men and young children
all at the same time.
And even the dead naked bodies of your people's women
cause your cock to jerk in response.
Do you want this, Pony?
The only way your belief in me as Messiah
can endure the coming tribulations
is if you so empathize with all of my crazy ups and downs,
that you can completely identify with me,
in a total abandonment of self.
It means to die and be reborn
in The Certainty of The Truth of Another Person's  Belief.
For you cannot walk the path I have walked,
not in theory or reality or imagination.
To Believe in me with Perfected Certainty
is to know without a shadow of a doubt
that if you were me and had walked the same path,
through poverty and insanity and ridicule and abandonment
by every one in this world who you hold dear,
you would also believe with the certainty I have
that You are The Messiah Yourself.
But that is not possible.
For I alone am the Vessel Designed and Divinely Meant
to Serve that Holy Purpose.


To feel an Unfathomable Self Loathing
because you feel titillated
by the images of naked breasts and sexually enraptured countenances
of women performing outrageous acts of lust,
while Nazis shoot at old men and young children
all at the same time.
And even the dead naked bodies of your people's women
cause your cock to jerk in response.

Now let me elaborate on the above.
My sexual reactions to these scenes
of the dead naked women
and the murder of my people
which were accompanied by pornographic visions,
stem from my very deep desire
to guarantee the survival of my people
and create a new generation
that survives beyond
the decaying corpses of the old.
I am The Messiah of The Jews.
The Divine Intent to Procreate
goes beyond the desire in my personal genes
to create and maintain a family of my own.
As the King of Israel
my Desire to Expand my People's Quantity and Quality
is embedded in my genes,
like the Queen of the Bees or The Ants.
When God shared this mystery with me,
my self loathing ceased and I understood
why I have always cried uncontrollably
when deeply contemplating the Holocaust.
Once, the first time I was in Switzerland
to visit my new Swiss lover
we slept together the night of my arrival.
When I finally fell asleep,
I had horrific dreams of barking dogs
and the sound of harsh German voices
shouting things I couldn't understand.
I saw a family of Jews
I don't know how many were there,
children and elderly grandparents, a wife,
and a sickly Aunt.
They were huddling together in a hut in the forest
during an attempt to flee the Gas chambers,
the certain fate of the invalid and the elderly,
and those too young for slave labor.
There was an infant, a new born child
who cried and cried and cried.
It crossed the father's mind to smother the baby
and save the remnant of his family,
his wife and other children.
But he couldn't do it, simply had not the courage
or hardness of heart, whatever it took,
to save his horrified family.
The Germans came ever closer
with their barking dogs
and their shrill harsh shouts
and flat toned so sharp voices,
until they approached the shed
and heard the baby crying.
The door opened and they looked inside
to make sure that those inside were Jews,
and then they closed the door and nailed it shut.
They poured kerosene on the wooden shack
and ignited it with a wooden match,
that caught flame on its first friction with the box.
They stood around with their weapons
and watched the windows
as the shack was engulfed in flames
and screams could be heard from within the shack.
" Poppa save me, Momma help me!"
all to no avail.
In my dream I was the father
who couldn't save his family
and watched them burn with him
until they all died.
I woke up screaming
and cried for hours and hours
and couldn't be consoled,
though Kathrin for the life of her
hugged me and held me
and begged me to share with her my dream.
"Tell me what happened to you!" she cried herself
and we both wept in each others arms.
Hours later Kathrin made me coffee
and brought me oranges and cake.
She put on the music of Leonard Cohen,
whom she knew I loved.
I told her my dream
and then explained it all away
by saying I am just a Crazy Jew.
Do you want to be a Jew, too, Pony?
So I can be your Messiah?

And then Pony Writes:

 Full Circle...

please know that i am in No Way offended by Your Tough Love and apparent
Harshness towards Me and My attempt to connect with You prior to One's
Great Reveal of which i have no doubt is Upon Us All. My Compassionate and
Empathetic reaction with Your Own Personal Struggles and Pain are in Fact, the
very reason i have come to this place of Belief, which has extended far beyond
this One on One relationship with You to a deep connection and understanding
with that of the Jewish People. I am humbled by Your writings and they have
always been the key to My Belief in what You Say to be True for Yourself and
for The Rest of Us. although this could never be a competition of personalities,
Based on Your Life Path, Shear "Commitment" and Over All Depth of Knowledge,
i literally cannot Imagine An-Other human better suited for the job of Messiah!

The Interview is Complete, and Based on Your Response a Resounding Success...

"It" was Never about the questions from the beginning of this Sacred Interview,
"It" was All Ways about the Answer! Wink Love heart 11 square 11 square Silenced


And The Messiah Replies:

 Great, Pony!
Now sell all your belongings
and send me the proceeds!
Then abandon your family
and go out and beg for money
until you can buy a ticket to Isreal.
Then come here and beg for me Like Itay Did,
No matter what the weather,
and buy me hashish and whores
and Ecstasy and Amphetamines,
and pay for meals
in the most expensive restaurants,
while you do my soiled laundry
and wash my dirty floor
and clean my filthy toilets
and take the garbage out.
After all,
I am only a Dirty Jew
and you are just a lowly gentile
without even a capital G.
You see?
Serving me isn't hard at all!

 "In the midst of our ordinary day, there exists the inner knowledge of a conceivable reality of an extraordinary nature. This is imprinted on the Jewish soul, hence the Jewish sense for humor. The Jewish character, tenacious and laced with a supernatural quality inherited through our forefather Isaac – whose name Yitzchak comes from the word tzchok, laughter – sustains us and prepares us for the ultimate turnaround.

Now wouldn't that be funny?"

 First, the interview is over,
when I say it's over.
I'm The Messiah
and your a lowly Gnatile.
Know your place!
Secondly, read this.

Pony, I do appreciate your self expression,
support and emotional resonance.
Please don't think I don't.
What I don't need for myself
is any kind of reverence.
When I perceive reverence
my immediate instinct is for severance.
So I wrote you a satiric response
to your somewhat adoring post,
to see if you would recognize my humor.
Apparently, you didn't.
Jews are known for their sense of humor,
particularly self-deprecating humor.
There is nothing a Jew won't make a joke about
when among Jews.
Israeli satirists are the most politically incorrect,
outrageously irreverent satirists in the world.
At least I think so.
Anyway, here are some funny Jewish jokes
taken from the Wikipedia article on Jewish humor.
If you truly want to be my disciple
you are going to have to develop a Jewish sense of humor!
Here are some examples from the article, to whet your appetite.

Humour about antisemitism

Much Jewish humor takes the form of self-deprecating comments on Jewish culture, acting as a shield against antisemitic stereotypes by exploiting them first:

Rabbi Altmann and his secretary were sitting in a coffeehouse in Berlin in 1935. "Herr Altmann," said his secretary, "I notice you're reading Der Stürmer! I can't understand why. A Nazi libel sheet! Are you some kind of masochist, or, God forbid, a self-hating Jew?"

"On the contrary, Frau Epstein. When I used to read the Jewish papers, all I learned about were pogroms, riots in Palestine, and assimilation in America. But now that I read Der Stürmer, I see so much more: that the Jews control all the banks, that we dominate in the arts, and that we're on the verge of taking over the entire world. You know – it makes me feel a whole lot better!"

Or, on a similar note:

After the assassination of Tsar Alexander II of Russia, a government official in Ukraine menacingly addressed the local rabbi, "I suppose you know in full detail who was behind it."

"Ach," the rabbi replied, "I have no idea, but the government's conclusion will be the same as always: they will blame the Jews and the chimneysweeps."
"Why the chimneysweeps?" asked the befuddled official.
"Why the Jews?" responded the rabbi.

And another example, a direct slice of galgenhumor (gallows humour):

During the days of oppression and poverty of the Russian shtetls, one village had a rumor going around: a Christian girl was found murdered near their village. Fearing a pogrom, they gathered at the synagogue. Suddenly, the rabbi came running up, and cried, "Wonderful news! The murdered girl was Jewish!"

There is also humor originating in the United States, such as this joke:

During World War II, a sergeant stationed at Fort Benning gets a telephone call from a woman.

"We would love it," she said, "if you could bring five of your soldiers over to our house for Thanksgiving dinner."
"Certainly, ma'am," replied the sergeant.
"Oh... just make sure they aren't Jews, of course," said the woman.
"Will do," replied the sergeant. So, that Thanksgiving, while the woman is baking, the doorbell rings. She opens her door and, to her horror, five black soldiers are standing in front of her.
"Oh, my!" she exclaimed. "I'm afraid there's been a terrible mistake!"
"No ma'am," said one of the soldiers. "Sergeant Rosenbloom never makes mistakes!"

This one combines accusations of the lack of patriotism, and avarice:

Post-Soviet Russia. Rabinovich calls the Pamyat headquarters: "Is it true that we Jews sold out Mother Russia?" "Damn right, you filthy kike!" "Oh good. Could you tell me where I might get my share?"

Your first official assignment as my disciple, is to study this article:
and to post me your understandings
is such an important element
in their survival as a nation
and potentially your survival as a person
with a serious disease. 

 "..... but i ain't no disciple."

I see.

So you have rescinded on your adoption of the job of advocate.

Advocate:a. Person who publicly supports or recommends a particular cause or policy:
Disciple: a. One who embraces and assists in spreading the teachings of another.

They are pretty much the same,
with the difference being,
one smells religious
and the other smells legal.
But they are basically the same.

It didn't take much to shake you up and scare you away.

Which is why I am here for The Jews.

I will continue to pray for you.

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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