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The Messiah is Informed, "It's You!"

I have spent the whole day writing in my mind what I want to share here. Now that I am actually on line and ready to write, I don't really know how to begin.
I guess like in the Bible, I should start at the beginning. 911
It was as if God said "Let there be Light!" and indeed a light went off inside my mind.

יהי אור  232 "Let there be Light!" "Word of God" 232 Let The Word of God Be Light in Your Mind!

 I suddenly saw something. A great potential for good in the world. As if I had suddenly found a treasure so valuable it could finance the education of mankind into a new transcendent state of mind.
I made a choice to believe in something no matter what the consequences of my choice, and now sixteen years later, my belief is stronger than ever. 

The Keys 939 To The  Kingdom of The Good House of David 939 in The Hands of The Prophet Sent By יהוה

      Before I share what that choice was and remains, I think it best that I explain what synchronicity is. 

     Synchronicity is meaningful coincidence. 

      It is when something that happens in what we consider to be the outside world, corresponds significantly with something going on in our inner world, our mind, at the same time.

      Like when you think to call someone you haven't spoken to in a very long time and reach out your hand to pick up your cell phone to make the call- and it rings, with the someone you intended to call on the line. 

Things come together and then fall apart, in an architectural design with s story plot!

Or you want to buy a certain book and someone gives it to you suddenly as a gift. 

      I am sure you all know what I am talking about. We all have had such experiences. 

      It is a moment that seems orchestrated or designed in such a way that intimates there might be a plan for your life, a fate, a destiny. 

This becomes particularly poignant when the significant coincidences come in a chain of events that are all apparently connected and portend what turns out to be great misfortune. 

In The Hebrew Bible a great example of this is in the Book of Job. 

     One after another, after a terrifying chain of events, five messengers come to Job and inform him that he has lost everything he owns and all his children have perished in a catastrophe. Job, whose faith in God was meant to serve as an example for all mankind, says, "Naked came I out of my mother’s womb, and naked shall I return thither:The LORD gave, and The LORD hath taken away; 
                                               Blessed Be The Name Of The LORD". 

                            The Messiah's Story is One Of Relentless Synchronicity Around The Messianic Biblical Motif

      He didn't say that what had happened was merely the consequence of a chaotic universe, a meaningless coincidence or an act of fickle spirited gods. He saw his misfortune as an act of The One God and immediately understood that he must surrender to God's Will, to God's plan for him, and despite his horrific misfortune, he blessed the name of his God, meaning he blessed what God had done to him- for God's name itself means "what was, is and will be". 

 The Name of God Should Never be Pronounced, Only Meditated On

And then there is what the Prophet Amos has to say about the synchronicity of the fearful day of The Lord..

Woe to you who long
for the day of the Lord!
Why do you long for the day of the Lord?
That day will be darkness, not light.
It will be as though a man fled from a lion
only to meet a bear,
as though he entered his house
and rested his hand on the wall
only to have a snake bite him."


September 29th, 2017 At 9:39 Jerusalem Time
About The Soon To Come Day of The Lord 929

Of course synchronicity in the Hebrew Bible is not always bad. 

There is the case of Abraham's servant, Eliezer, who barely completes a prayer in his mind for God's intervention on behalf of his mission to find Isaac a wife, and Rivkah, Isaac's beloved future wife, suddenly appears and behaves as Eliezer had prayed Isaac's future wife would, with compassion for even the camels. 

Perfect synchronicity. 

The whole Hebrew Bible is a series of stories or perhaps a single story about God and how He orchestrates events so as to forward a plan He has for all mankind. The Stories of the Hebrew Bible are all punctuated with events of synchronicity that demonstrate the Omnipotent Ability of The God of Israel to manage history towards the transcendental goal of achieving a new state of mind for mankind, a state of mind where,

" 9 Then יהוה will be King
over the whole world.
On that day יהוה will be The Only One,
and His Name will be The Only Name."

The vision of the Hebrew Prophets was towards a day when humanity would recognize the singularity of The Creator God as One and The Same as The God of Israel, and all of humanity would unite in worship of The One God and join together as benevolent custodians of the planet and no longer perpetuate states of war. 

What a wonderful vision! What a good thing! 

     This is what I choose to believe in. My choice is based on a series of meaningful coincidences, a very intense chain of synchronicity, that has continued now for sixteen years and seems to indicate that a crux has been reached and this ongoing miracle I am experiencing will soon become common knowledge. 

      It portends a very good future for humanity in a revolutionary change of mind, based on a series of events where it will become blatantly apparent that there is a god, One God, The God of Israel, now to be known as The God of Art, or as Isaiah wrote in chapter 65-, "My God The Artist."

" Thus someone on earth who blesses himself
will bless himself by my God The Artist and someone on earth who swears an oath
will swear by my God The Artist
for past troubles will be forgotten,
hidden from my eyes."


I want now to share a story of an event of synchronicity which occurred to me sometime in June, in the year 2000. First some background. 

     In February 2000, I had returned to Israel from the US with more money than I had ever had in my life. The previous seven years had been one long blessing. I had succeeded in becoming a philosophic consultant of personal communication with positive articles in every major newspaper about my work and also in three important magazines. I had given lectures all over the country and had a successful private practice, culminating in an offer to be a consultant manager for a chain of retail stores in The USA. Seven years previously I had walked away from a very bad marriage with out any money or a job, without even a solution for where I would sleep beyond the first night and somehow, after an outrageous series of serendipitous events, I was able to earn enough money to stay out of jail for not paying alimony despite being arrested eleven times. It was like stepping into an abyss and a bridge would miraculously appear one step after another as I moved forward. 

Upon my return to Israel, I was invited to appear with four psychiatrists on television, in a program with Yaron London, the subject being the effectiveness of talk therapy. The psychiatrists couldn't understand what I was doing there, as I barely had a high school diploma and they were all directors of psychiatric wards in hospitals. My name had been chosen due to a very flattering newspaper article in Haaretz about my work. 

    I had no doubt what so ever that it was God who had orchestrated my success as I had trusted him when I left my violent relationship with my wife and I prayed to be able to give back to God as his servant for all He had done for me, which is much more than I have written here. 

After making this prayer I was gradually overwhelmed with the idea that something terrible was about to happen. It came into my mind that people's hearts were closed and leaders could not be trusted. 

One day I began to pray that God open people's hearts from within. 

I lay on my bed and and felt my prayer become ever more fervent, surprising myself with the intensity of my own intent. 

Tears were streaming down my cheeks. I had images in my mind of flying shrapnel and people's bodies being ripped open. 

"Please God, open their hearts from within and not physically as an act of war!" 

Suddenly I felt as if my own heart was gripped in an iron hand, a relentless sense of frightening presence surrounded me and I distinctly felt my prayer was being listened to. 

And then I felt an unmistakable tightening of the grip on my heart and I immediately understood that my prayer was being denied. 

I did something I had never done before in my life, I grabbed the pocket of the white cotton shirt I was wearing and jerked the cloth downwards so as to rip the fabric of my shirt as Jews do in mourning. 

I had not completely finished the motion of ripping my shirt when a loud explosion went off in the street underneath my window. 

I jumped up out of bed and ran to the balcony to see what had happened. It appeared that the police had exploded a suspicious suitcase someone had left in the street as a precautionary measure.
I was shaken to the core of my being. And very apprehensive of the future. 

On September 29th, 2000, Violence Erupted Between Israelis And Palestinians

     A few months later, I was giving the last paid lecture I was to give on the subject of my expertise, at Kibbutz Ein Dor. I had been invited there due to the recommendation of my student, Noah Amir, who had studied personal communication with me for several years and was to appear in a newspaper article a few months later as a case of my success. I had my children Idan and Keren with me and we spent Friday night as Noah's guests. On the drive up there I had a flat tire so I had no reserve tire as we drove back to Givatayim. 

    It was Saturday afternoon and we were soon stuck in a traffic jam that lasted hours at the entrance to Wadi Arah. Frustrated, and not knowing the cause of the horrific traffic jam, I decided to drive the long way down the Jordan valley and detour through Jerusalem on our way back to the coast.
It was September 29th, 2000. 

    I made a wrong turn in the dark, I have no idea how, and found myself with the kids in the back seat, driving by burning tires and stone throwing youths. Many of the cars we passed with Israeli license plates had broken windows. Somehow we made our way to an exit from the Shomron to Netanya, deep into the middle of the night. The road was blockaded near Shaarey Tikvah where my father lived but I couldn't find his house and finally the road opened and we made our way back to Givatayim. 

Indeed, my prayer had been refused, for the time being.

So why did I come to believe that something good was on its way? 

    It has to do with synchronicity and numbers and what Jews have been fascinated by for many centuries, what is called Gematria. 

   Gematria is a system of learning Torah, using the method wherein every letter in the Hebrew language has a numeric value and therefor so do words and so do whole verses and phrases. When the value of two words or phrases or verses is equal, that suggests there might be a deeper meaning because of the synchronicity involved in having one idea in your mind with a certain phrase and finding another phrase with the same numeric value. 

    Let me say that I was never interested in numbers or Gematria or anything of an esoteric mystery nature until then. My father though, used to wake up suddenly in the night with ideas about number patterns in the Hebrew Bible that proved conclusively that the Hebrew Bible was Divinely Inspired. He tried to share these discoveries with me and many others. I recognized what he was trying to show me and said to myself, "Of course the Hebrew Bible is divinely inspired or we wouldn't be here talking about it at all, after so much time!" but said nothing, not wanting to show my father any disrespect. 

   Upon my return to Israel in February 2000, I had a dream where I saw an apartment that perfectly suited our needs, as the children were coming to live with me and my very beloved girlfriend, who had been living with me for the previous two years. Her name was Katy and she was very apprehensive about sharing our life together with my children. I resented this deeply and was in the process of determining to end my relationship with her, despite being very much in love with her. I couldn't tolerate her apparent jealousy over my love for my children and I was in a lot of stress.
The day after my dream I found an apartment that was a duplicate of that I had dreamed about.. We rented it on February 11, 2000 from a landlady who lived at apartment 11 at some address on Pinkas Street, Tel Aviv. 

Then I had to go to Egypt for business, intending to be there for 10 days, but there was no way I could return on the tenth day and the ninth would have been too soon to complete my business, so I had to stay an extra day in Egypt, making it 11. The extra day turned out to have been essential.
A while after I returned home, as I was walking into the entrance of our apartment building I noticed that our flat had two addresses. 

47 Poaley Harakevet St.

164 Ben Gurion Street, in Givatayim.

I also noticed that directly across the street was 155 Ben Gurion Street on one side, and 38 Poaley Harakevet Street on the other. 

It occurred to me that all the numbers of these addresses had digits that added up to 11. 

The Number 11 has come to represent the relationship between God and a Human.
 The Number 11 and What it Means in Synchronicity!

And that seemed strangely significant to me, so much so that I felt a chill all over my skin. 

I was perturbed. 

Now I must share another story to put this all in context. 

At about the same time, I had taken a portion of magic mushrooms. 

It was my 44th birthday which was on April 25th and it had been my intent, I shamefully admit, to go celebrate at a local brothel which was something I used to do frequently. 

I had barely walked out of the house, when I was overwhelmed by a sense of beauty that was so intense it literally took my breath away.

I suddenly saw, what I believed to be, the unveiled Land of Israel. Everything was glowing with a light that emerged from within and a beautiful array of pastel hues shined out of the trees and plants along the street. I felt so overwhelmed that I thought I should turn around and go back home, it was simply too intense. And then I heard myself say in my own mind,"What am I doing? Where am I going? The world is about to fall apart and I am on my way to waste my energy and limited funds in a brothel...How dare I? I have children to raise, a beautiful girlfriend...." 

Something inside me contracted and became determined to walk in a straight line to the best of my ability all the way to the beach.
After a few steps I felt I had to stop and pay attention to something that was being whispered in my mind. It was a wordless yet somehow very distinct message. 

" You are the one everyone is waiting for, the one you have been searching for all your life, The King, The Messiah..." 

With no hesitation what so ever I answered, "Kill me, I would rather die than be any one's King, but before you do that, Bless my children." 

 Then in my heart I surrendered and said" Hinneni"- הנני- or "Here I am!" 

Which is what Moses answered when first called upon by God. 

The voice whispered "Amen". 

Needles to say, I didn't go to the Brothel. 


It was soon after this that I discovered, the numbers of my address and the surrounding buildings  all had meanings very relevant to what I was going through and also gave me the best advice I have ever received in my life. 

47? Equals בטח ביהוה and that simply means, "Trust God!"

164? Equals  להאמין ביהוה and that means "To Believe in God!" and also בקול יהוה which means "In The Voice of God!" and also יהוה יחלץ which means "God Will Rescue!"

47+164=211 which equals ירא  means "Awe or Wonder" which is what intense synchronicity makes you feel. 

38? Equals יהוה בי which means "God is Within Me!"

155? Equals  הנבא בן אדם   which means "Prophesy , Son of Man!" and also  ואל הנביאים which means "And to the Prophets!" and also  עמך יהי which means "(God) Will Be With You!" and also להלחם בם which means "To Fight Them!" and also ולדבקה -בו which means "Adhere to Him!"
Of course, were I to tell anyone that   God's Speaks to me, they would say," You have gone crazy!". In Hebrew היית משגע  and that equals 838, which is 11-11 shorthand and equals Jonathan Robbins, my name. 
Now read this. Take your time. It might blow your mind wide open!💣

Art for Art's Sake!

Rotating 11:11 is becoming 11 square 11 square Love heart Angel Love heart

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

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