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Chapter 5 The 119 נביא ליהוה Event

When I finished my community service and the new school year started, I went back to giving private lessons in English as I had decided not to continue working with Sasha and was moving into dire financial straights. I completed the workshop with the people who had signed up and they all were very satisfied with what I had taught them, without exception. I ended up owing Sasha 250 shekels from his half of the income. He accepted graciously my withdrawal from his ambitions and I was relieved of any burden of responsibility towards him, except the 250 shekels which he finally collected by asking me to advise him on some other businesses he had.
On the Tuesday afternoon, of September 11, I became aware of the horrific tragedy in the US while at a pupil's house.He came rushing in yelling to his mother to turn on the television, which she did without reprehending him for being late for his lesson. He was very excited.
A moment after we turned the TV on, the second plane, United Airlines Flight 175, hit the second tower. I wanted to rush home and follow the unfolding events and I was relieved when my pupil's mother suggested we cancel the lesson as what was going on was too traumatizing and attention grabbing to concentrate. 

 I rushed home and turned on the television.

Indeed the perpetrators of this mass murder were achieving the terrific affect that they had intended. People could be seen waving cloths from windows near the wound in the side of the building, while thick black smoke from an oxygen starved fire billowed out the crack in the steel and concrete structure. There wasn't much fire, just a lot of smoke.
Horrifically, people were filmed falling down the sides of the building.
Then the impossible happened.

The South Tower collapsed in an explosive free fall drop, with a pyroclastic flow of pulverized debris being ejected with great energy, as the enormous 110 story building simply deteriorated without any resistance, in an enormous cloud of smoke. As I was to see later that night, the pulverized concrete of the building flowed down the streets in four story high waves of smoke and deadly choking dust as people ran for their lives, some of whom were engulfed by the waves, their fate unclear.
The first tower to fall had been the second to be hit by a plane. But soon enough, The North Tower soon followed 29 minutes later with the same appearance of being being blown up, floor after floor, collapsing in a free fall while also ejecting pyroclastic flows of pulverized debris and billowing smoke.
It took the first tower 11 seconds to fall and the second fell in just 9.

People who were being interviewed, bloodily injured and covered in dust, including firemen, said in complete certainty that they had heard explosions before and as the towers collapsed.
Now I just saw what happened on television but it was very clear to me from the first moment that what I was seeing was not anything but a building being blown to smithereens. It is absolutely obvious and clear to any one with common sense or some experience with what explosions look like. I was in a war and I saw explosions and buildings destroyed, albeit none anywhere nearly as big as The Twin Towers, that great number 11 on the New York sky line. But it was self evident to me that there was no resistance at all by the lower floors to the falling floors above, something the laws of physics uncompromisingly dictate in the collapse of any structure that isn't being blow up in a sequence of explosions designed to collapse each floor before it can resist the collapse of the floors above it.
That is what one sees with one's own eyes.
Add to that the eye witness reports of the machine gun like sound of explosions as each of the buildings fell. And then, there were the professional opinions expressed on the news at the time of the crime, opinions that explosives must have been detonated in the buildings.
These eye witness reports and opinions disappeared from the news very quickly and were replaced by explanations that just didn't make any sense, including the accusation itself that the crime was committed by 19 suicide bombers, some of who were such proficient pilots that they could do a maneuver experienced and trained pilots said would be difficult under any circumstance.
And the very idea that one could gather 19 suicide bombers together while evading all intelligence and security measures meant to prevent such an attack, an attack on the nation with the greatest intelligence and military budget in the world, it just didn't make sense.
Israel had seen a lot of suicide bombings in the previous months. Innocent blood spilling atrocities carried out, for the most part, by not very intelligent and deluded religious fanatics. These attacks had been happening since September 29th, 2000, just over 11 months before and had been in the news momentously time and time again.
So the idea of fanatic suicide bombers was part and substance of the world's fearful imaginations. But the gathering together of 19 such deluded and homicidal youths for the same mission on the same day after a period of training which took many months, in a nation where all these fanatics were strangers, seemed a little farfetched.
Later it actually crossed my mind that perhaps Rabin had been murdered to prevent peace and by so doing, set the psychological foundation for 9/11. This because it was after Rabin's assassination that suicide bombings first became so common and were publicized in the Western press, demonizing Radical Islam and creating a long term enemy for Western Civilization. An enemy used to justify the vast expenditures of the military industrial complex and enrich the rich with unnecessary wars. The long term planning of those actually behind such cynical Machiavellian historical manipulations needed suicide bombing events to prepare the public for a Pearl Harbor like occurrence designed to galvanize public opinion towards increasing the deficit with vast military spending.
I am not alone in having such speculations.
As I have written in prior posts, the prevalence of the number 11 in the numbers of the day caught so much attention, an article in the prestigious New York Times appeared almost exactly 11 months after the September 11th events, on August 11, 2002, ironically three weeks before my book in Hebrew called simply, "What happened on September 11th? Why did The Towers Fall?"" was published in the largest Israeli bookstore chain.
It is still available on the internet.
A link is provided in a comment to this post.
This is taken from the article in the New York Times,

" ''Coincidence feels like a loss of control perhaps,'' says John Allen Paulos, a professor of mathematics at Temple University and the author of ''Innumeracy,'' the improbable best seller about how Americans don't understand numbers. Finding a reason or a pattern where none actually exists ''makes it less frightening,'' he says, because events get placed in the realm of the logical. ''Believing in fate, or even conspiracy, can sometimes be more comforting than facing the fact that sometimes things just happen.''

In the past year there has been plenty of conspiracy, of course, but also a lot of things have ''just happened.'' And while our leaders are out there warning us to be vigilant, the statisticians are out there warning that patterns are not always what they seem. We need to be reminded, Paulos and others say, that most of the time patterns that seem stunning to us aren't even there. For instance, although the numbers 9/11 (9 plus 1 plus 1) equal 11, and American Airlines Flight 11 was the first to hit the twin towers, and there were 92 people on board (9 plus 2), and Sept. 11 is the 254th day of the year (2 plus 5 plus 4), and there are 11 letters each in ''Afghanistan,'' ''New York City'' and ''the Pentagon'' (and while we're counting, in George W. Bush), and the World Trade towers themselves took the form of the number 11, this seeming numerical message is not actually a pattern that exists but merely a pattern we have found. (After all, the second flight to hit the towers was United Airlines Flight 175, and the one that hit the Pentagon was American Airlines Flight 77, and the one that crashed in a Pennsylvania field was United Flight 93, and the Pentagon is shaped, well, like a pentagon.)

The same goes for the way we think of miraculous intervention. We need to be told that those lucky last-minute stops for an Egg McMuffin at McDonald's or to pick up a watch at the repair shop or to vote in the mayoral primary -- stops that saved lives of people who would otherwise have been in the towers when the first plane hit -- certainly looked like miracles but could have been predicted by statistics. So, too, can the most breathtaking of happenings -- like the sparrow that happened to appear at one memorial service just as a teenage boy, at the lectern eulogizing his mom, said the word ''mother.'' The tiny bird lighted on the boy's head; then he took it in his hand and set it free.

Something like that has to be more than coincidence, we protest. What are the odds? The mathematician will answer that even in the most unbelievable situations, the odds are actually very good. The law of large numbers says that with a large enough denominator -- in other words, in a big wide world -- stuff will happen, even very weird stuff. ''The really unusual day would be one where nothing unusual happens,'' explains Persi Diaconis, a Stanford statistician who has spent his career collecting and studying examples of coincidence. Given that there are 280 million people in the United States, he says, ''280 times a day, a one-in-a-million shot is going to occur.''

 NYT Article "The Odds Of That!"

The number 11 was not the only number on my mind. That the third building to collapse on 9/11, the building that is conspicuously missing from the Final Report on 9/11, well, that building was 47 stories tall and that certainly caught my attention as the number 47 was very much in my mind as described in the first chapter of "The Autobiography of the Messiah 1111"
The number 164, the other number very much on my mind as part of the perfect synchronicity of my meaningful number coincidences, appeared very blatantly when King Bush, I mean President George W, Bush embraced an elderly fireman who had a helmet with the number 164 on it.

I mean if it was just one thing or a few things or even many things, that still wouldn't explain how the opportunity to write this book on the events of September 11, 2001 happened to me as a result of meeting someone at the lectures Sasha financed about the number 11 and Divine Design, someone who introduced me to someone else who told me, "Write a book about anything you want and I will finance you as you write it, and make sure it gets published- as a very close friend of mind is the manager of marketing at Steimastky's Book Chain." All my life I had believed I was meant to write an important book. I thought it might be about the communication philosophy I called Biosophy. But no. It wasn't that at all.

Here is the book I wrote. 

 The Book I Wrote on 911

Finally, ask yourself what you would think yourself were you to experience such a relentless sequence of meaningful events that seemed to intimate that you have a duty to report on the true events of a vastly important historical occurrence. And then, despite being dirt poor and without a bank account or a job, refused employment at any kind of job as jobs I could do in security required police clearance they would no longer give me, as I had a criminal record, then,someone offers to finance your writing a book on any subject you want.
It was my duty! My duty to report on the events of 9/11!
My duty? In Hebrew it is התפקיד שלי
Now how much are these Hebrew Words as a number in Gematria?
939 is both the value of my name in Hebrew (יונתן מיכאל רבינס) and the value of the Biblical Hebrew Phrase, "הנביא אשר שלחו יהוה" = "or "The Prophet sent by God".
Think what you like, I am not inventing any of this and my choice to believe that there is a Living God who is personal and intervenes miraculously in human affairs IS the very narrative of the Hebrew Bible and the foundation of Judaism, Christianity, Islam and exists as well in Hinduism, in the Messianic Motif of Vishnu.
Vishnu as the embodiment of Divine Will, who incarnates as a man whenever humanity descends into unprecedented levels of spirituality depravity and needs Divine Intervention in the form of a Messiah who comes as a savior to redeem mankind.
The Hindus anxiously await the tenth arrival of Vishnu and his Wife Lokshi, The Goddess of Wealth and Good Fortune.

The God of Art doesn't intend to let them down.

Now here is a video that raises all the important questions of 9/11.
If you see this video and still believe the official version, you have a hopeless intellect and deserve your fate
If you don't watch this video and hold onto your belief in the official version, you deserve your fate, too.
I have no place in my heart for such stiff necked obstinacy.
On the other hand, God is The Merciful One and I am merely His Enraged and Furious Servant.

Watch this video about Pearl HARBOR AND 9/11.

Make the time.

We all need One God,
with One Name,
and One Torah.

The God of Art
And His Torah
as taught
by jmr a light. Cool

Art for Art's Sake!

Rotating 11:11 is becoming 11 square 11 square Love heart Angel Love heart

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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