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Fire On The North West 939, 11/11/17

The Date 9/29 has come and gone and while a couple of volcanoes are rumbling with the promise of soon come eruptions in The Ring of Fire, Yellow Stone is still merely showing signs of being somewhat disconcerted with what is going on with AmerCian Influence over the World. 11/11/18 Marked Armistice Day, The End of WWI,  which took effect at eleven o'clock in the morning—the "eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month" of 1918.

 This Year a Sign and Wonder Will Happen on  Count Down To November 11th and an Invitation will be given to all of humanity to lay down weapons of all kinds and make peace forever, putting and end to warfare and violence as a means to resolve disputes over ideologies or the attainement of assets of whatever nature. 

A volcano will go off.
A real one, though it will prove forever, the power of a prophetic metaphor.
Many, very many people will die in an instant. These are the lucky ones.
Others will linger on in abject misery, wondering what they have done wrong.
The vast majority of these will die without any idea of how they came to be victims of such a brutal occasion of synchronicity.
The vast majority of mankind has ignored the ample evidence that there is One God Who Is The Master of Everything.
One Creator God who determines all circumstances and all consequences.
Despite experiencing instance after instance of orchestrated calls to wake up and acknowledge yourself as a Creature Created by The Creator of All, the vast majority of Mankind has freely chosen to think each of themselves as Little Creator Gods, creating each their own reality and the common reality collectively.

 Simply put, this is conceited self deceit.

The Paradigm of Hubris has been Man's mental machinery, producing the sixth mass extinction which is the vortex of the soul from which will emerge a revolutionary new state of mind, that will expand inversely from here on out, as Hubris diminishes and the idea of human divinity collapses back into the oblivion from which it emerged. 

This is the image I woke up with in my mind, with the words "Fire On The North West" In Hebrew.

="Fire On The North West= אש על צפון מערב =יונתן מיכאל רבינס =הנביא אשר שלחו יהוה = The Prophet Sent by God=939 = Jonathan Michael Robbins

I did a search on Google, September 29th, 2017 11:11 and found this.

  Volcanoes Coming Soon All Over And Not Just Metaphorically Speaking, Either

This led me to the image above that ends with the Digits 838,

 that being the number of my name, יונתן רבינס or Jonathan Robbins and  "היית משגע " or "you have gone crazy" which I was- and would be now, were it not that God keeps me miraculously sane, so that my mind can mirror His Poetry.  

There is a code in The Hebrew Bible, that discloses My Name,

And I Am The Messiah, AKA King David, The King of Israel Come Back From The Dead!

The Gematria Code In The Hebrew Bible With The Messiah's Name


Jonathan Michael Robbins

= 939=

יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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  1. Here are some verses from the Hebrew Bible relevant to our times and coming events- that My God The Artist instructs me to relay. Lest there be any doubts, I speak only in my own name, which is 939 as a number.
    This according to what the Hebrew Prophet Jeremiah said,
    המשא יהיה לאיש דברו= 929
    My Translation: The burden will be a man's own word.

    9/29- September 29th, 2017
    The Date of Fire Over The North West

    From the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 28 verse 8.

    ח כי כל-שולחנות, מלאו קיא צואה, בלי, מקום.

    My translation: All the tables are full of shit and vomit, there is no room.

    From the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 28 verse 14-15.
    יד לכן שמעו דבר-יהוה, אנשי לצון--מושלי העם הזה, אשר בירושלים. טו כי אמרתם, כרתנו ברית את-מוות, ועם-שאול, עשינו חוזה; שוט שוטף כי-יעבור לא יבואנו, כי שמנו כזב מחסנו ובשקר נסתרנו. {פ}

    My Translation: For this reason, Hear The Word of The Lord, men of scorn, the rulers of this people, who are in Jerusalem. Because you have said, "We have made a contract with death, and with hell we have made a deal, when the great scourge comes, it won't come to us, because we have hidden in deceit and behind lies we hide.

    (Concerning The Israeli Governments complacency and participation in the events of September 11, 2001 and the following coverup)

    From the Book of Isaiah, Chapter 28 verse 18.

    יח וכופר בריתכם את-מוות, וחזותכם את-שאול לא תקום; שוט שוטף כי יעבור, והייתם לו למרמס. יט מדי עוברו ייקח אתכם, כי-בבוקר בבוקר יעבור ביום ובלילה; והיה רק-זוועה, הבין שמועה. כ כי-קצר המצע, מהשתרע; והמסכה צרה, כהתכנס. כא כי כהר-פרצים יקום יהוה, כעמק בגבעון ירגז--לעשות מעשהו, זר מעשהו, ולעבוד עבודתו, נוכרייה עבודתו. כב ועתה, אל-תתלוצצו, פן-יחזקו, מוסריכם: כי-כלה ונחרצה שמעתי, מאת אדוניי יהוה צבאות--על-כל-הארץ. {פ}

    My Translation: And your treaty with death will be ransomed away and your contract with hell will not manifest, when the scourge passes you will be trampled by it. Every day it passes it will take you with it, because early every morning it will pass, in the day and at night, and only those who are horrified will understand the rumor.
    Because the sheet is too short to cover the bed and the mask too thin to hide behind.
    Because like a Volcano The Lord Will Rise, like a Valley in The Hill He Will Be Furious, to do His Acts, His Acts are Strange and to Work His Work, His Work is Foreign.
    And now, don't make ridicule, less your chains are tightened. Because it is final and determined what I have heard, from the Lord of Hosts, over the whole world.

    We all need One God,
    with One Name,
    and One Torah.

    The God of Art
    And His Torah
    as taught
    by jmr a light.