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"I Will Be What I Will Be" or Sex and War

Understanding the behavior of living creatures, both in one's body (viruses, microbes, and cells) and in one's environment (insects, animals and people) allows one to achieve a much greater sense of integral harmony as a living creature oneself.

All living creatures, from the simplest which is a virus, to the most sophisticated, which is a human being, have the same five primal motivations. These five motivations develop from The Singular Divine Motivation, which is To Be. Or as God tells Moses,
"I Will Be What I Will Be."

The motivation To Be, the assignment of value To Being, logically necessitates The Creation of The Self. The Creation of The Self is the First Dictate of the Divine Will To Be. So the first primal motivation is To Be By Creating One's Self.

This is manifested in the most primitive creatures by some means of self reproduction, the reproduction being an imperfect duplication of The Self. The imperfection of the duplication, in primitive organisms as well as sophisticated creatures such as human beings, is caused by genetic mutation of various degrees and severity. The overall purpose of mutation is to create Diversity, Diversity serving to enhance the survival potential of The Greater Self, which is first The Genus, then The Species, thus striving to guarantee for growing numbers of individual organisms, the ever continuing manifestation
of The Singular Divine Motivation, The Eternal Will To Be.
The Eternal Will To Be becoming the Divine Imperative,
"I Will Be What I Will Be".

The maintenance of the singular yet dynamic identity of The Self results in Preservation. The Self is singular because from microbes to human beings, no two organisms are exactly the same. The identity of the Self is dynamic, because The Self itself, changes as it matures and finally decays. The Preservation of The Self is the Second Dictate of the Divine Will To Be. The Maintenance of The Singular Self is a finite process that ends in dissolution, this dissolution serving to supply nutrients and assets to other and newer organisms, which need them for The Creation and Preservation of Self.

The Accomplishment of Preservation of Living Entities, from the species to the individual organism, is first attained by the sustainable acquirement of the nutrients and assets, necessary for The Creation of The Self. And then by the removal of toxic waste products on a regular basis, as well as the continual removal of contaminants from the environment, that threaten to infiltrate the organisms of the species and cause infection. disease and decay. If these actions of maintenance are diminished or ceased, the very existence of The Self is put in question.

The Creation and Preservation of Variations of Diversity on The Theme of Self, necessarily lead to The Third Primal Dynamic Motivation, which is the Motivation To Multiply or Expand. As God says in Genesis to all living things, by saying it to man,
"Be Fruitful and Multiply."
For man is a composite of the same constructive mechanisms contained in all living organisms, the chemical and then organic mechanizations of DNA. The Wills To Be, to Maintain and Preserve, to Multiply and Expand are Divine Dictates embedded in the DNA of all living creatures, anywhere DNA is the primal building block of Life, which is probably, Everywhere Life of Any Kind Exists. This because DNA itself is the consequence of the Universal Laws of Physics and Chemistry which govern the nature of the basic elements as these relate to each other and become ever more complex compounds and finally organic compounds, DNA, amino acids, and proteins.

While mutations in DNA might appear superficially to result randomly as a consequence of environmental influences such as radiation from different sources, toxins, viral infections, fluctuations in environmental acidity and the availability and nature of sources of nutrition, the overall consequence of such mutations seems to conveniently serve the overall outcome of the ever greater ability of Life to Create, Maintain and Preserve, Multiply and Expand, an ever more sophisticated and complex array of Living Creations, a True Dynamic Harmony of Diversity that ever more profoundly manifests the Original Axiomatic Divine Intent expressed in God's saying to Moses,
" I Will Be What I Will Be!",
That Being All The Living Creatures whose natures are determined in their propensities by the structures and sequences of their genes, as created by the four building blocks, Adenine (A), Cytosine (C), Guanine (G), and Thymine (T), in their DNA.

King David speaks of this when he writes in Psalm 145:

15. The eyes of all living creatures look to you,
and you give them their food in due season.

16 You do open your hand;
you satisfy the divine intent of every living thing.

The logical and natural consequence of multiplication and expansion of a species is that individuals in that species and the species itself, will encounter impediments and barriers to that expansion. Impediments to expansion can exist within the individuals of a species wherein their internal mechanisms, limited as they are by the propensities of their DNA, limit their ability to overcome obstacles due to the lack of any means to change the nature of said obstacles and remove them so that expansion can continue. When a species can no longer expand due to internal limitations and there is an absence of beneficial genetic mutation designed to reform the species capabilities to overcome the limitations of its nature, deterioration and decay will encroach on the quantity and quality of life of individuals in that species, causing contractions in both quantity and quality. The very act of living produces waste products that are toxic, and without an increase in controlled territory that allows for the disposal of toxic waste products, the species will eventually possibly poison itself into extinction. Toxins will infiltrate the living space of individuals, causing disease and death to an ever increasing number of individuals and finally The Greater Living Entity itself.
Another kind of impediment to expansion is when territorial gains of a specific species, race, tribe or extended family encounter an exterior barrier that prevents the increase of controllable space available to that entity.
This circumstance manifests The Fourth Primal Dynamic Motivation which is The Divine Intent to attack barriers to expansion by annihilating them, causing them to flee, or changing their nature so as to create some kind of a symbiotic relationship, the last resulting in some degree of mutual influence and cultural transformation of both parties. Which solution is adopted depends on the calculation of self interest inherent in that solution. The first and second solution, are those always manifested by those species more primitive than homo sapiens, with home sapiens demonstrating what might be considered a biological quantum leap of consciousness wherein Humans are capable of Mastering not only The Elements of Nature, but all the Kingdoms of Life, as Divine Custodians.
It is in this regard that Moses writes,
"And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth."
To replenish the earth is to preserve its many different species by allowing and enhancing their self creation and preservation and governing their expansions so as to maintain a dynamic balance and harmony between the diversities that dwell on the face of the Earth. To subdue "it", is not to annihilate, but rather to cultivate.
This for the mutual benefit of Different Kinds of Humans, as Divine Design Manifests as The Evolution and History of Life.
As a logical and natural consequence of the multiplication and expansion of one species, another will find itself attacked and its living space encroached upon. This circumstance brings about the manifestation of The Fifth Divine Primal Dynamic Motivation which is The Divine Imperative To Defend One's Self from annihilation or the need to flee, particularly when there is no space or territory to which one can escape. Defense always entails a change in the nature of existence for that which needs to defend itself (not always for the worse), otherwise it is not Defense, but rather the innate necessities of Maintenance and Preservation.
The first strategy of Defense is to reallocate assets and resources so as to acquire the means of changing the nature of the attacker into something benign and manageable, and if this is not possible, to annihilate it in its present identity. The need for the reallocation of assets and resources upon the perception of danger, is itself the manifestation of The Divine Imperative To Defend One's Self against encroaching external influences, that threaten the very Nature of The Identity of The Self, and therefore The Self's Existence.
When unable to flee and unable to gain domination over the perceived and adjudicated enemy, the only strategy of self defense is to reallocate assets and resources so as to acquire or create the weapons of not only self defense, but those necessary to attack the aggressor in its own territory and living space, until a permanent change in its aggressive nature is achieved by destroying the aggressor's assets and it's means of utilizing resources so that there is a revolution in its aggressive identity and it acquires and assumes a new self definition wherein it adopts a policy of cooperation and mutual symbiotic growth with its territorial and ideological neighbors.
This is what the Allies did under American leadership to West Germany and Japan and what The Soviets did to East Germany.
The inability of a species or subspecies, Race, Nation, Country, Tribe, Extended Family, or Business Corporation, and to some extant any Living Individual Entity, to Manifest these Five Divine Primal Instincts will inevitably result its extinction, demise or death.
On the other hand, the ability to Manifest these Five Divine Primal Dynamic Motivations ensures the continued survival, growth, development and inevitable eventual evolution of any Living Entity that so succeeds, towards ever more complex and sophisticated manifestations of The Divine Imperative,
"I Will Be What I Will Be."
When these Five Divine Primal Instincts are distilled down to the Basic Abstractions of Divine Will that they are, these are:

Create, Preserve, Expand, Attack, and Defend.
Or perhaps Poetically Put,


The first three Imperatives are The Consequences of THE SEX INSTINCT which among mammals produce some kind of an extended family.
The last two Imperatives manifest as The Activity of WAR, needed to guarantee the survival, growth, development and inevitable eventual evolution of all living entities, from the Genus and Species to the Individual Living Entity of Identity.
Fortunately, as mankind develops, it will evolve an ability to wage war without the necessity for physical destruction and annihilation of those who impede expansion, in the case of the Fourth Imperative, or Those whose perceived attack on one' own Integrity of Identity, is of an Ideological or Cultural Nature.
As the means of communication grow ever more complex and sophisticated, and the quality and effectiveness of human communication develops, VIOLENT WARS will become a thing of The Past AND CEASE.

As the Hebrew Prophet Isaiah said " And he shall judge between the nations and reprove many peoples, and they shall beat their swords into plowshares and their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift the sword against nation, neither shall they learn war anymore."

So Help Me God.

Written by jmr in a few hours of Intense Divine Inspiration and Guidance,
while doing household chores, shopping, eating and watching TV. Cool

A Catastrophic Tragedy. Maybe Not!


Jonathan Michael Robbins

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יונתן מיכאל רבינס

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